Contrasts and Solutions in the Middle East

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ISBN 8772886919
Årstal 1997
Udgave 1
Type Hardback
Stand Ny.



Kategori(er): Samfund; Historie
Emne(r): mellemøsten, islam, kristendom, religion
Forfatter(e): Ole Høiris og Yürükel, Sefa Martin

Contrasts and Solutions in the Middle East

In this volume, forty-four scholars, decision-makers and experts provide an interdisciplinary overview of the Middle East, ranging from age-old enmities to current political concerns and the question of national, religious and ethnic identification. The authers draw many parallels from the essential conflicts of the ancient lands to their modern counterparts. The traditional importance of access to water is counted by the significance of oil; the conflict between settled peoples and nomads is reflected in the growing rift between the secular and the fundamental. Tne ancient suppression or genocide of minorities continues in the modern issues of human rights and ethnic cleansing. Other topics include the definition of the Middle Eart; the Salman Rushdie fatwa; the history and politics of Turkey; the Mosque as an institution; the role of women; torture and mass murders in Iran; the Kurdish question; and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. (Taget fra bagsiden)

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Bogen er Samfund; Historie og omhandler blandt andet mellemøsten, islam, kristendom, religion