Two Stories

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– Fifty Grand – The undefeated

Årstal 1967
Udgave 1
Type Paperback
Stand Meget slidt. Afrevet hjørne, se forsiden. Enkelte kuglepens understregninger og oversættelser.
Bemærkning Simplified english for use in schools



Kategori(er): Skønlitteratur
Emne(r): klassiker, novelle
Forfatter(e): Ernest Hemingway

Two Stories
– Fifty Grand – The undefeated

At the age of twenty-two, Ernest Hemingway wrote his first short story, “Up in Michigan.” Seventeen years and forty-eight titles later, he was the undisputed master of the short-story form and the leading American man of letters. The Short Stories, introduced here with a revealing preface by the author, chronicles Hemingway’s development as a writer, from his earliest attempts in the chapbook Three Stories and Ten Poems, published in Paris in 1923, to his more mature accomplishments in Winner Take Nothing.

“Fifty Grand” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. It was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1927, and it appeared later that year in Hemingway’s short story collection Men Without Women.

“Fifty Grand” tells the story of Jack Brennan as he trains for and boxes in his fight with challenger Jimmy Walcott. The first part of the story takes place in New Jersey, the second in New York. It shows Hemingway’s love for and knowledge of boxing, and his use of omission and understatement, and contains an early expression of his moral code.

“The Undefeated” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway featured in Hemingway’s 1927 story collection, Men Without Women.[1] The story deals with an ageing bullfighter’s return to the sport after an injury.

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