Precapitalist Economic Formations

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Årstal 1964
Udgave 1
Type Hardback m. smudsomslag
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Kategori(er): Filosofi; Idéhistorie
Emne(r): marxisme, politik, sociologi
Forfatter(e): Karl Marx

Precapitalist Economic Formations

Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations is part of a huge manuscript Marx wrote in researching and preparing what would become A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy published in 1859.

Marx’s collection of personal notebooks, of which this text was a part, would finally be published for public perusal in Russian in Moscow, 1939-41. It was printed in German in 1953 as the Grundrisse der Kritik der Politischen Okonomie — or the Grundrisse, or Outline, for short.

Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations is pp. 471 – 514 of the Grundrisse and was published separately in Berlin, 1952, as a pamphlet called Formen die der Kapitalistischen Produktion vorhergehen.

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