Why Study Literature?

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ISBN 9788779345515
Årstal 2011
Udgave 1
Type Hæftet
Stand Ny.



Kategori(er): Litteraturvidenskab
Emne(r): hermeneutik, litteraturteori

Why Study Literature?

This book presents new ways of thinking about the historical, epistemological and institutional role of literature. It aism at providing a theoretically well-founded basis for what might otherwise be considered a relatively unfounded historical fact, i.e. the fact that the teaching of literature holds a privileged position in many educational institutions. The collection brings together theoretical studies and critical analyses of literature as a medium among other media. The essays focus on the consequences and values of reading and studying literature. The contributores take their point of departure in the title of the volume and use narratological, historical, cognitive, rhetorical, postcolonial and political frameworks to pursue two separate but related questions: “Why read literature?” and “Why study literature?” (Taget fra bagsiden)

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