Rethinking Scripture

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– Essays from a Comparative Perspective

ISBN 0887066143
Årstal 1989
Udgave 1
Type Hæftet
Stand Brugt, men velholdt. Enkelte overstregninger. Ellers Som ny.



Kategori(er): Teologi; Religionsvidenskab
Emne(r): hermeneutik, kildekritik, religion
Forfatter(e): Miriam Levering

Rethinking Scripture
– Essays from a Comparative Perspective

Exploring the nature of texts, this book explains how scriptures function within religions. Topics covered include the oral dimensions of scripture, canon formation, a study of the word in Hindu life, and the role of text in Buddhism.

“The essays succeed in challenging our set ideas about what sacred texts are and how they function. It provokes us to think in terms outside our Judeo-Christian view. Many books deal with the nature of sacred texts, but few are willing to look at the problem of what it means to be a sacred text. This work makes an important and most unique contribution to the literature.” – Thomas P. Kasulis, Northland College “There is a universal scope to the essays that invites thoughtful reading, discussion and further research across a wide range of fields within religious studies: textual, contextual, historical/developmental, ritual, symbolic, and many others.” – Frederick M. Denny, Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Bogen er Teologi; Religionsvidenskab og omhandler blandt andet hermeneutik, kildekritik, religion